Today we visited two primary schools (Elementary Schools) to teach about how to take care of/ handle their menstrual cycle and deliver Days for Girls bags (which will be a tool to help them). This pack included underwear (which they don’t usually wear), a reusable pad with extra liners to trade them out, and a pouch to put the dirty pad in. They are about 12-14 years old. We got to play futbol (soccer) and talk with them. They were very welcoming and loving towards us. They sang us two songs that they learned in school. Then we returned to the Villa (The Green Parrot) where we are staying. The men went to get supplies to feed the widows, and when they got back to the Villa, we went to hand the stuff out. We gave away Rice, Beans, Corn Flour, Oil, Powered and Bar Soap, Tea leaves. They were very grateful for the food and the chance we got to pray for them. The Team had some kind words and loving attitudes towards the Ladies. We felt apart of the family when we visited them. Their houses were about the size of a van or a studio apartment, with not much in it, usually a mat on the floor for their bed and some sort of stone fire pit so they can make food.