Hats 4 Hope

The idea for Hats 4 Hope came from an elementary school girl, Rachel, who wanted to collect baby items for Newborn Care Kits for Hope 2 Others.

The kits include a knit hat, blanket, booties, two onesies/undershirts, two cloth diapers, a sleeper, a baby of baby soap and a newborn teething toy.

Hope 2 Others has found amazing support for the project. The Wisconsin Craft Market donated 19 skeins of yarn to knit booties and hats during the project’s beginning, and Misti International Inc. donated more than 100 skeins of its pre-production baby alpaca yarn.


Mother and baby at the Arusha clinic

We are also excited to partner with R.S.V.P. of Dane County, whose senior members have pledged to make 200 each of booties, hats and blankets for the kits in 2014. The Kids Express Learning Center in Madison held a drive from May 5-30, and the items they brought in were included in the first kits distributed in June and July of 2014.

Members from the Edgerton United Methodist Church got involved. They not only took up a collection and donated four bags of baby items to Hope 2 Others, but some of their members made handmade booties and hats for the kits.

While we are humbled by the reception we have received so far, there is no such thing as too much help. The first kits were distributed at the Ngarenaro Health Center in Arusha, Tanzania in June of 2014. On average, 300 babies are born at the clinic every month, which averages out to 10 babies every day.

The simple gift can make a huge difference in the life of a child, where threat of death from infant hypothermia is a real concern.

According to Save the Children, “it takes just two minutes for a wet, newborn baby to lose a dangerous two two degrees in body temperature. Most of this vital heat is lost through soft spots on a baby’s head.”

From May-August, Tanzania is experiencing its rainy and winter seasons. In early May of 2014, temperatures dropped to 63 degrees with a 61 dew point in Arusha, Tanzania.

“People don’t think countries along the equator are cool, but when you are in the mountains and at altitude and in the rainy season, it gets very chilly, and it does not take much for a baby to lose its heat,” Hope 2 Others Founder Karen Klemp said.Donations of hats, booties, blankets or other much needed baby items can be sent to Hope 2 Others, P.O. Box 1006, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.Together, we can make a difference!