There are many ways to donate to Hope 2 Others. Our programs are listed below, feel free to designate money to a specific program or to support our overall vision. Thank you for your support.

Support our vision

Nothing happens without a dream. By supporting Hope 2 Others you are helping support our work to promote, facilitate, educate, and provide access to good hygiene and health care practices, as well as the construction of medical clinics, schools, and community centers.

Sponsor the Work and Ministry of Hope 2 Others

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Support Newborn Babies

The threat of death from infant hypothermia in developing countries is a real concern. To help newborn babies and their mothers, we created Hats 4 Hope Kits. These kits include a knit hat, blanket, booties/socks, onesies, a sleeper, cloth diapers, and a bar of soap, as well as flip flops and a toothbrush for the mothers as they often do not have these essentials.

Hats 4 Hope bag

Sponsor a Newborn Baby

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Support Education Efforts

Hope 2 Others trains volunteer staff to embark on mission trips to Tanzania and Guatemala (or wherever we are called) to educate birth attendants, midwives, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. These education efforts bring vital life saving techniques for mothers and their babies. Donations go towards the medical equipment and teaching tools needed to train the staff in life saving skills, as well as the equipment in birthing kits that we give to participants. Thank you for your support and breathing life into the next generation.

Sponsor Education Efforts

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