What is Hope 2 Others?
Hope 2 Others is a non-profit based in Sun Prairie, Wis. that operates with the mission of improving education and health care in developing countries.

Karen and her husband, Rick, are the founders of “Hope 2 Others,” also known as H2O, a non-profit faith-based Christian ministry and organization, whose mission is to improve the quality of life in developing countries. Karen and Rick are dedicated to renewing hope of a better life to remote, impoverished and underserved communities around the world as God leads and empowers by His Spirit. They also strive to:

• Bring hope, health and help by facilitating volunteer mission teams;
• Coordinate and promote medical and education exchange programs to equip, empower and increase the level of expertise of indigenous and medical professionals;
• Improve the health and education of developing communities and countries;
• Promote, facilitate, educate and provide access to good hygiene, clean water, good health care practices and education; and
• Build and construct medical clinics, schools and multipurpose community centers in remote and underserved communities that lack these much needed services.

“Hope 2 Others” Inc., is located in Sun Prairie, Wis.


Where did the idea come from?
Founders Karen and Rick Klemp have spent the better part of the last 27 years serving others, participating in mission trips to various countries. As a registered nurse for more than 30 years, Karen brings her medical training and expertise to help others, teaching birthing practices and rescue breathing.
In 1999, they opened their home to a member of the New Life Band from Tanzania, who was in the area raising funds for the New Life Band School. After learning about the current educational and medical state in Tanzania, and after a trip to Tanzania in 2006, Karen and Rick opened the doors of Hope 2 Others in 2007. Since that time, they have raised funds to ship medical and school supplies, shipped a retired Sun Prairie ambulance, sponsored the education of students at the New Life Band School and works daily to raise awareness about the state of education and health care in developing countries.

What services or programs do you perform?
Hope 2 Others focuses primarily on improving access to health care and education in Tanzania.
Education: Hope 2 Others partners with the New Life Band and the New Life Band School in Tanzania.   Our mission trips have included making bricks for additional classrooms at the New Life Band School; shipping school supplies, including Xango Meal Packs, mattresses, books, and projectors, for use in the school. In the summer of 2014, we added a Medical Sciences and Lab Skills class, taught by Leah Narans. The students studied microbiology, hematology, urinology and learned how to draw blood.
Health Care: Hope 2 Others Founder Karen Klemp leads medical mission trips and conducts seminars for Tanzanian doctors, nurses and midwives. Those seminars include the Healthy Births and Babies class and Helping Babies Breathe. For more information, click on Programs.

If I want to donate, what will my money be used for?
Hope 2 Others is run by an all-volunteer staff. All donations are used to fund Hope 2 Others projects, including the construction of the first Hope 2 Others Medical Center and shipping containers of donated medical and school supplies. People are also able to sponsor the education of a student at the New Life Band School in Tanzania.

How can I help?
There are a number of ways, both large and small, to get involved. Hope 2 Others participates in Community Days at Boston Store. A $5 donation in exchange for a booklet will purchase five bricks for the Hope 2 Others Medical Center. We are also currently looking for donors to sponsor wings and birthing rooms in the Hope 2 Others Medical Center building built in Kisongo, Tanzania. Many students at the New Life Band School are in need of sponsorships, which cost $850/year.
We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising and at events. This could include filling a 2-hour shift at Boston Store during Community Days or helping coordinate larger fundraisers, such as the Evening of Giving Hope 2 Others fundraiser.
Hope 2 Others sends a team to Tanzania every summer to serve in the New Life Band School and teach medical seminars.