Thank you so much to the 40 volunteers who joined us at our Hats 4 Hope packing party this past Sunday at the Prairie Athletic Club. The packing party was a great success! We were able to put together 369 life saving kits for babies. We will give these kits out to new mothers in June on our Tanzania Mission Trip. The kits contain clothes, hats, and blankets, diapers, teething toys, and flip-flops and a toothbrush for the mother.

Karen Klemp, founder wants people to know that infant death from hypothermia during the first 10 days of life is a serious concern in developing countries. It takes just two minutes for a wet, newborn baby to lose a dangerous two degrees in body temperature. “People don’t think countries along the equator are cool, but when you are in the mountains with high altitudes and in the rainy season, it gets very chilly. It doesn’t take much for babies to lose their heat and become hypothermic.”