Hope 2 Others is pioneering a new effort to raise money for the much needed medical clinic to be constructed next summer.  It is the “Band-Aid Campaign”. 2” x 3” paper band-aids are made that say “Buy a Band-Aid…Heal a Nation” with the world in the center held up by a pair of hands, which represent the many people it takes to bring healing to a nation.  People can buy a paper band-aid with a donation, put it on a poster and the money raised will go towards the medical clinic, also known as a “Dispensary” in Tanzania.  This represents the caring hands of many helping others around the world.  This project and efforts are all about bringing healing to a nation(s)!

This campaign is being offered to any group, schools, churches, or organizations as a way to bring awareness of the medical needs and access to medical care in Tanzania-East Africa and developing countries around the world.
We are looking for retired ambulances to be donated and shipped to future medical sites, as there is no access to medical care to most of these remote areas in developing countries, except by foot or bicycle.  Many children, women and men die needlessly.  The City of Sun Prairie WI has generously donated a “retired” ambulance which is going to be to shipped Tanzania.
Medical supplies and equipment have been donated to this cause from Meriter Hospital (where Karen Klemp is an RN in the NICU), Group Health Corp. and Benjamin Plumbing, and is awaiting shipment to Tanzania.

The New Life Band has made their 3rd visit to the Sun Prairie School District, visiting all of the schools doing school wide assemblies, as well as schools in Dane and Milwaukee Counties.  These schools have also embraced the challenge and purpose of the “Band-Aid Campaign”.

Being a nurse, having provided health care and teaching in Tanzania as well as Guatemala, and having successfully done CPR on a lifeless newborn baby in Tanzania, I am very passionate about bringing this much needed health care to these developing countries.  This is a passion with a purpose.

The New Life Band has brought the message to these schools about the privilege that the youth have here in the United States, with their excellent education and opportunities, and to NOT take for granted all that we have.  We need to value what we have in our education and make wise choices, because in Africa this opportunity doesn’t happen for every child.  There is always HOPE and SO NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I hope you will consider joining us in this “Band-Aid Campaign” and resolve to bring HOPE into the life of a child or another person as well as changing your own life at the same time.

This is a great effort in the humanitarian support, relationship and efforts of many people and students in the Sun Prairie-Dane County area as students, schools, businesses and individuals, support others in need around the world – Tanzania, Africa.

A Tax-deductible donation can be made to “Hope 2 Others” and mailed to:
Hope 2 Others
P.O. Box 1006
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

For more information Call:
Karen Klemp
Home#:  608-825-9557
Cell#:  608-279-8103
Email: rklemp@charter.net