As most of you know we received a notice mid-October from our current landlords that the warehouse we were renting was sold (a definite blessing for him) and that we had to be out by December 1. We immediately began to pray and seeking God’s direction. We didn’t seem to be hearing or getting any clues as to where we were to go with our 6,000 sq. feet of donated medical & educational equipment & supplies. We asked several people to be praying for God’s perfect place and landlord, and that it might even be rent fee! We continued to pray, make calls, look, and pray more. Then the Sun Prairie Newspaper (The Star), heard about our situation and wrote a wonderful story titled, “Help the Klemps find warehouse space”. The first sentence was…”If you haven’t got Hope, what do you have? Karen and Rick Klemp aim to make sure that Sun Prairie doesn’t have to find that out.” Well the search continued as well as the many prayers not only here in our area but also prayers in Tanzania as well.

The landlord was able to give us until December 13, which was a blessing. Rick tirelessly made phone calls for empty warehouse space with no results, until Wednesday, November 23. We received a phone call from a realtor who said that a Sun Prairie owner who had warehouse space wanted to help us and for Rick to call the owner personally. Rick called him and on the other end of the phone we heard the words, “I have a warehouse space for you in Madison that we will give you FREE to your Hope 2 Others ministry!!” We wanted to cry and rejoice all at the same time, praising God for His perfect timing in answering all the prayers and providing for our every need that far exceeded all our expectations!! Our faith just went UP several notches and our trust in God just soared heaven word!! Why did we ever doubt for even a moment? We believe that God wanted to touch more hearts for His Kingdom and on the eve of Thanksgiving, what could have been more perfect! Yes there is a God and we do have so much to be thankful for. We pray that our new landlord and his family will be blessed abundantly. They said that they wanted to do something good to help us and that this seemed like a good way to help, putting their empty warehouse space to good use.

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for the warehouse for Hope 2 Others and for everyone’s emails, suggestions, encouragement and support in this need we had. You have all taken part in a greater miracle of helping those in need who will be receiving the donated medical and educational equipment that we are believing will be shipped in the near future to the places around the world where God has predestined them to continue to be of help and bring Hope to those who are in need. There is a lot of life left in these donations that will continue to provide life saving miracles for many more people. So don’t stop praying!! Pray for the shipping of containers to those places in need and for the finances that it takes to do this.

Thank you for being a blessing, Rick & Karen Klemp

warehouse3                 warehouse4