The past few days have been incredible, and we praise the Lord for the many, many answered prayers. We had all the women successfully complete the HBB and HMS training. We finished this Saturday morning with testing and a wonderful graduation ceremony where we learned dances from the Maasai women and gave gifts to one another. They blessed us more than they could possibly imagine!

Later in the evening,  the Amani Children’s Home, an orphanage in the Mtu Wa Mbu area. There we were given a tour and were able to play with the children and pray over the children and the staff.  These small babies are incredible, and the Amani home truly is a blessing from the Lord himself. None of our team wanted to leave because we were touched so deeply by their sweet hearts and faces. Our week ended with a joyful and exuberant service at Pastor Sossy’s church. Prayers were answered tenfold as we had some from our group speak a word of encouragement and give testimonies. We danced and praised, and one of the women we prayed for earlier in the week came to service. She shared with the congregation that she decided to come to service after we came to visit her and pray for her. Praise Jesus, HE IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Today some of our team left to return to the US, while the remainder will stay on and travel to Zanzibar Island early tomorrow morning. And the Lord answered another prayer for us with the container.  After many weeks and many phone calls later, the container

officially arrived on H2O grounds, ready to be unpacked. The remainder of the team today spent their time on the New Life Band School/H2O grounds unpacking and celebrating. God is good, ALL the time, and all the time, God is GOOD!