Jambo everyone!

Hope 2 Others bracelets went on sale for $2 each at local businesses and the Sun Prairie High School on Monday, May 20. The bracelets are blue and green in color and include the word Tanzania on the blue side and Hope2Others on the green side. All proceeds from the bracelet sales are being donated to build a Medical Clinic of Hope in Tanzania.

Hope 2 Others is excited to announce that groundbreaking on the clinic is set for later this summer, at the same time a mission team consisting of Karen and Rick Klemp, Lena Mayfield, Judy Mueller, Jane Krogstad and Nancy and Rick Comello, will be in the country.

“It is like the first step of a dream that I have had for many, many years, and I just can’t believe that it is happening,” Karen Klemp said.

The Clinic of Hope, as it will be named, will provide medical, birthing and nutrition information to the 20,000 people in the Massai village of Kisongo.

Hope 2 Others is partnering with a Madison architect for the project. The architect has done other construction projects in Tanzania before and is donating his time to the project.

Bracelets are still on sale at local businesses. Anyone interested in purchasing a bracelet and supporting the Clinic of Hope is welcome to stop by any of the following businesses:

• Cool Beans Coffee Cafe, 1748 Eagan Road, Madison;

• Bank of Sun Prairie, 228 E. Main St., Sun Prairie;

• Beans n’ Cream Coffeehouse, 345 Cannery Square, Sun Prairie;

• Hair Excellence, 2402 Montana Ave., Sun Prairie;

• Prairie Athletic Club, 1010 N. Bird St., Sun Prairie;

• Sentry, 1052 W. Main St., Sun Prairie; and

• The Star, 804 Liberty Blvd., Suite 209, Sun Prairie.

“We are just very grateful to all the businesses and individuals who have supported the work of Hope 2 Others. Without them and their heart and compassion for helping others, it would not be attainable,” Karen Klemp said.

Hope 2 Others would also like to thank the following people:

Mary Kay Von Allmen, for her help with the bracelet sale and for participating in Culture Week at Sun Prairie High School. Her help and heart for the people of Tanzania is much appreciated.

Sun Prairie High School Student Council Advisor Timothy Keal, Student Council member Alyssa Weisensel, and the rest of Student Council. Weisensel was a driving force behind the bracelet sale and Culture Week. She took care of ordering the bracelets and selling them to students during Culture Week. Bracelets were sold to the students for $1, and in the end, Weisensel helped raise $126.05 for the Clinic of Hope. Much thanks to Mr. Keal for overseeing and helping Student Council with the project. Your dedication and drive helped make the week a success.

Leah Granitz for her help with the Culture Week presentation on May 20. Leah returned from an almost four month stay with the New Life Band School in Tanzania at the end of April. While there, she helped teach English to Form 3 and Form 4 students in the school. Leah previously traveled to Tanzania for a two-week mission trip in 2007.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it will take a strong foundation of dedicated people to help make this Clinic of Hope a success. The floor plan that has been developed is duplicatable and we are hoping that one day more clinics will be able to built to serve the people of Tanzania. Hope 2 Others would like to extend its thanks to every person, business, organization and school group that has donated time, money or services to our cause. Our successes would not have been possible without the great support we have found in our community.