Jambo our dear friends, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I am sending this letter out on behalf of the New Life Band and the people of Tanzania!  Please read it with open hearts as to how God wants to use you.  Our family has a Christmas tradition and every year we watch the movie, “Its a Wonderful Life”. We just finished watching it and was compelled to send out this letter to all of our family and friends.  If you haven’t watched this movie recently, I encourage you to do so.  It just might change your heart to one with greater compassion and love for helping the people of Tanzania and New Life Band.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter…Because of Christ, Karen & Rick

Jambo (Hello in Swahili)   Merry Christmas Tanzania …It is a Wonderful life…
Ambulance donated to the people of Tanzania

Hope this attached picture is encouraging. We are so thankful on behalf of the people of Tanzania and the New Life Band for the many donations of medical supplies (ultrasound machine, isolettes/incubators, radiant warmers for infants, exam tables and much more) from Meriter Hospital and Group Health, school supplies and shoes from Sun Prairie and Middleton High Schools, Toilets and sinks for the New Life Band High School and dorms from Benjamin Plumbing, and about 20 dorm mattress plus much more.  Students at the New Life Band school have to share beds as there are not enough beds, it is 2 students to a bed,

Great News… The ambulance was released this past Friday Dec. 16th at 7 PM and James Kiphizi of the New Life Band drove it to Arusha, a long 300 miles and taking about 14 hours.  There are only very few ambulances in the country of Tanzania. But now…They now have to raise $6000 for money they had to borrow from friends to release the ambulance and to release the 40 foot container.  The 40 foot container is still being held at the port until they come up with the money.  The money goes to port fee’s, storage and others processing charges. They asked me if anyone could help and they are so grateful for any and all support and help that you feel you can offer!!  I told them that I would send an email out and plea on their behalf.  My heart goes out to them as we have experienced firsthand through our living with them, serving with them in their schools, hospital and clinics the great needs that they do have.  We have seen the need and felt their pain as we worked without the conveniences that we have so readily have here in the states.  We here in the U.S. are truly blessed people and my desire is to share all that we can, our wisdom, knowledge, our abundance and excess, even out of our need as a sacrificial giving. God has blessed us and now we have the chance to bless others.

It reminds me of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Raising $6000 really isn’t impossible because with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!  All of the worlds wealth is actually God’s treasure house, and He gives so we can bless others.  I told them that we would pray and walk in faith with them.  This container has in it the ultrasound machine, 8 microscopes and science equipment for the school, about 20 dorm mattress for the NLB students Sound equipment for the NLB, computers, 2 rototillers, isolettes/incubators and radiant heat open beds for newborn babies, examine tables medical equipment and much more.  So this container is valuable to the life and ministry of the New Life Band and the people of Tanzania. If the container is not paid for they run the risk of the contents being auctioned off by the government because they can’t pay the money.
Together we can make it a wonderful life for the people in Tanzania this year. It’s a Wonderful Life, in Tanzania this year 2012!! Because we have HOPE…In Jesus who provides for all of our needs.

This past fall (Sept 24 through Oct 27, 2011) a team of 23 people from the Madison(also Colorado and Indiana) areas served the people of Tanzania and gave unselfishly of themselves, and lives were changed.  We also started a feeding program with Xango Meal Packs (a porridge where you combine a dry mix with boiling water. It is a concentrated meal providing carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals to undernourished children and adults and that is easily digested).  We shipped 217 Xango Meal Packs with each pack able to serve 17, for a total of 3,689 individual servings.  The Hope 2 Others team was able to serve at an orphanage at Mt. Meru, the New Life Band (NLB) School in the Village of Kisongo area where Maasai children gathered and the village of MtoWoMbu (means Mosquito River) where Nickson Mzigaba lives.  The New Life Band plans to continue the meal program for the students at their school, until they run out.  Right now with the staggering increase of food costs due to the severe drought this past year on the East Coast of Africa, the students get a piece of bread and tea for breakfast, ugali (a mixture of corn meal and water) for lunch, and rice and beans for dinner…everyday.  At the NLB School we had a community eye clinic with a local Optometrist, Upendo Douglas Mmari from Tanzania(but is currently living in Minneapolis with her husband who is going to seminary).  We were blessed with a donation of 500 prescription eye glasses furnished by the Sun Prairie Lions Club that we all carried in our suitcases. The team assisted Upendo with the running of the eye clinic and fitting the glasses.  The team worked on the construction of stairs leading up to the second floor of the New Life Band School and spread gravel on the ground of the open air auditorium in preparation for the first graduation of the seniors from the NLB High School that we attended on October 1st, a really highlight of the trip.  5 nurses from the Madison area (4 were from Meriter Hospital and 3 of them from the NICU) worked in Arusha at a mother-baby clinic helping with laboring mothers, delivering babies, teaching techniques of New born resuscitation and Adult CPR, worked in a walk-in clinic and more. The ultrasound machine is a much need piece of medical equipment for pregnant mothers.

So please stand in the gap for the New Life Band as they ask us to pray in the needed money, “a financial miracle” is what James Kiphizi one of the NLB leaders said. Let’s bring them in a Christmas miracle.  Please pass this email on to any and all of your friends and families that would have a heart to help them with their needs as they serve and bring the promise of the Christ Child and salvation to the youth, students and people of Tanzania.

The New Life Band will be coming back again this September 2012 for their 5th visit.  They will be having concerts and performances in the area. Be watching for the dates and places to come. Karen is the coordinator and scheduler for the Wisconsin visit.  They will also be in Minneapolis, Denver Colorado, and California areas this fall.
This will be a Blessed Christmas for the people of Tanzania that will be remembered for years to come.  Thank you to the people of Wisconsin and the U.S. for all you do to serve and bring HOPE 2 Others around the world.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to:
Hope 2 Others
P.O. BOX 1006
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

If you have questions about how you can help, donate, learn more about the feeding program, support a student at the NLB School or support the work of Hope 2 Others please contact:
Karen or Rick Klemp

Asanta sana (“Thank You very much” in Swahili) for sharing this heartfelt story, the needs and life of the people of Tanzania.  They are truly grateful for anything that we can do in support of their great needs.

God’s blessings, Mama Karen & Baba Rick